About Us

Àlamode stemmed from my passion about jewelry. I used to be the one who could never resist to layer necklaces and stackable rings when shopping at stores like Zara or Forerver 21. However after wearing those cheap (but cute) alloy jewellery, I always got dry patches on my earlobes or a rash on the back of my neck as I wore them daily. I know that a lot of people out there have been dealing with similar problems, especially people who have metal allergies.


This inspired me to open Àlamode, where every woman can find quality material pieces at affordable prices. We strive to create a balance between quality and value with a dream of bringing woman closer to premium materials without paying an arm and a leg.


For that reason, we choose 925 silver plated with 18k Gold as our material for all our products. This is a premium material but much more affordable compared to solid gold, and of course, way more durable and safer to our skin compared to alloy jewellery.


We hope that each piece of our jewellery will inspire you to love yourself better, to feel more confident and authentic.

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